NBA Star LeBron James Was a ‘Nomad’ until He Was 9 and One Person Offered Him Shelter

LeBron James, NBA superstar for the Los Angeles Lakers, faced a tumultuous childhood marked by homelessness. Born to a young single mother, Gloria James, LeBron’s life took a challenging turn after his grandmother’s sudden death. Seeking refuge, he and his mother moved over a dozen times, living in constant uncertainty.

At nine, Gloria made a tough decision for her son’s stability, sending him to live with his pee-wee football coach, “Big Frankie” Walker. This change provided LeBron with newfound stability, allowing him to attend the same school, sleep in the same bed, and play on a consistent football team.

The Walkers, hardworking individuals, instilled discipline and hard work in LeBron. Overcoming early educational challenges, he thrived in a holistic learning environment. His mother’s unwavering support and sacrifices, along with the guidance from the Walkers, shaped LeBron’s resilience.
LeBron James and his mom Gloria on December 29, 2005 | Source: Getty Images

Today, LeBron’s remarkable journey from homelessness to basketball greatness stands as a testament to his strength and the impact of those who offered him shelter and guidance. Inspired by his past, LeBron now gives back through initiatives like the LeBron James Family Foundation, aiming to support children in single-parent homes.