NFL fans dub Taylor Swift ‘bad role model’ after she appears on jumbotron during Super Bowl LVIII halftime

Taylor Swift drew attention during Super Bowl LVIII as she passionately supported her boyfriend, Travis Kelce, and the Kansas City Chiefs. Swift, who had just concluded an international leg of her Eras Tour in Tokyo, flew to Las Vegas specifically for the game.

In a surprising moment, Swift was captured on the jumbotron chugging a beer, sparking criticism from some NFL fans who deemed her a “bad influence.” The incident triggered reactions online, with one person expressing, “Oh ya what a real roll [sic] model, How to Chug beer on live TV.” Concerns were raised about the appropriateness of such behavior on a platform viewed by a diverse audience, including children.

While beer-chugging is generally accepted in sports culture, some argued that Swift, being a role model for many young girls, should have refrained from such actions on live television. Comments surfaced questioning the necessity of displaying this behavior during a widely watched event like the Super Bowl.

Swift’s unexpected beer-chugging moment during the halftime show generated a mixed response, with critics labeling it as an unfavorable influence, especially given her prominent status as a public figure idolized by young fans.