Now That I Know Why My Mouth Tingles After Eating Pineapple, I Will Never Eat It Again

A viral TikTok video by a science expert exposes the surprising reason behind the tingling sensation you feel when eating pineapple. The popular Chinese-owned platform SF Microscopy reveals that pineapples have thousands of tiny needles known as raphides. These needles puncture cell membranes in your mouth and tongue as you consume the fruit, causing mild discomfort.

The video, viewed over 35.8 million times, displays microscopic images of pineapple slices containing these needle-like structures. The raphides, composed of calcium oxalate crystals, irritate the cells and prompt the tingling sensation. Despite this revelation, many viewers still enjoy the delicious fruit.

The TikTok scientist highlights that these needles serve a protective purpose for pineapples, deterring insects from consuming the plant’s fruits and safeguarding the seeds.

This newfound understanding of pineapple’s unique trait has surprised and intrigued viewers, shedding light on the science behind an everyday experience.