Now We Finally Know Why Target Has Those Big Red Balls Out Front

Every visit to Target raises a curious question: What’s the story behind those giant red balls outside the store? Known as bollards, these iconic red spheres serve a critical safety function, rather than just being decorative elements. They’re strategically placed to prevent vehicles from driving onto the sidewalk and crashing into the store’s front doors, enhancing safety for shoppers. Target, along with other retailers like Wal-Mart, employs these bollards as a protective measure, ensuring that their storefronts remain safe and accessible to pedestrians without the risk of vehicular accidents.

An incident highlighted the effectiveness of these bollards when a woman, under the influence, drove her car onto one at a Target store, preventing potential damage to the property and ensuring the safety of shoppers. This example underscores the practical importance of the red balls, beyond their visual appeal. So, the next time you spot these bollards while entering a Target, you’ll know they’re more than just a quirky design feature; they’re a thoughtful safety precaution protecting customers and the store alike.