Off-Duty Officer Confronts Gang Of Thieves, Ends In Tragedy

Sergeant Philip Dale Nix, fondly known as Dale, was mourned at Westover Church after losing his life while off-duty, trying to stop a beer theft at a Sheetz gas station. Greensboro Police Chief John Thompson paid tribute, acknowledging Nix’s ultimate sacrifice. Detective Caroline Holliday highlighted Nix’s irreplaceable role within the department.

Nix, a 22-year veteran, hailed from a lineage of public servants, breaking the tradition of firefighters to become a police officer. Thompson lightened the mood, recalling Nix’s humorous side, while Pastor Mike Carr emphasized his selflessness.

Nix’s work with the Family Victim Unit and the Guilford County Family Justice Center earned him praise for his advocacy. Detective Holliday reassured mourners, revealing another off-duty officer, Cameron Peach, stood by Nix in his final moments.

The ceremony concluded with a solemn flag-folding ceremony, with the flag presented to Nix’s widow, Kelly. The 21-gun salute and procession underscored the community’s collective grief, with colleagues honoring Nix’s sacrifice.