Old Man Is Banned from Granddaughter’s Wedding after His Kids Finds Out He Works as a Janitor – Story of the Day

Edward, a doting grandfather, took a janitorial job to afford a special gift for his granddaughter Cynthia’s wedding. Saving diligently, he purchased a beautiful jewelry set. However, on the wedding day, Edward was banned from the ceremony by his children, who deemed his janitorial job embarrassing for the family. Heartbroken, he handed Cynthia the gift outside the church.

Devastated, he went home, believing his granddaughter knew about his job. To his surprise, Cynthia arrived, expressing her anger at her mother and aunt’s elitist views. She postponed the ceremony until Edward was present. Cynthia embraced her grandfather, proud of his efforts, and walked down the aisle wearing the cherished jewelry set. Cynthia’s fiancé helped Edward get dressed, and together they attended the wedding, creating a memorable and emotional moment for the family.