Old Man Scans Garage Sales All Over Town, Spots Object Under Table And Can’t Believe His Eyes

In Des Moines, Iowa, Bruce Scapecchi is known for his knack for finding treasures at garage sales. His dedication to scouring through thousands of sales each summer paid off when he stumbled upon a remarkable discovery under a table: a baseball bat with a distinctive grip that he recognized as belonging to the legendary player Jackie Robinson.

Upon confirming his suspicions by revealing Robinson’s name engraved on the bat, Scapecchi was astounded. The bat’s owner, McEntee, had unknowingly possessed a piece of baseball history, as her children had played with it for years without realizing its significance.

McEntee, who had a familial connection to Robinson through her uncle, former Brooklyn Dodgers player Joe Hatten, decided to keep the bat as a cherished family heirloom rather than selling it for profit.

For both Scapecchi and McEntee, the discovery symbolized the unexpected ways in which history can be found in everyday objects, enriching their lives with a deeper connection to the past.