Only certain few people can see the horse hidden in this picture – are you one of the special ones?

In the realm of optical illusions, a recent online puzzle is baffling minds. The image, a well-known illusion, presents a captivating challenge that has people scratching their heads. The allure of such illusions lies in the joy of deciphering the hidden code.

The picture conceals a second image within, and the quest is to identify it. “Do you see a frog? Do you see a horse? Do you see both?” Even if the frog is unmistakable, spotting the hidden horse proves to be the real challenge.

Hint: The horse’s presence is confined to its head and neck, located near the lily pad with a peculiar texture. Surprisingly, the frog’s body forms the head of the horse. Can you crack the code and unveil the hidden equine magic? The beauty of optical illusions is that once solved, the trick loses its power, leaving you with a sense of triumph.