Pamela Anderson Is Done Covering Up Her Natural Beauty

Pamela Anderson’s makeup-free appearance at Fashion Week in Paris is gaining praise. Actress Jamie Lee Curtis commends her courage, saying, “the natural beauty revolution has officially begun.” Other celebrities like Chelsea Handler, Selma Blair, and Kyle Richards also express admiration for her fresh-faced look.

Pamela, known as a ’90s icon, has embraced this minimalistic beauty approach, describing it as “freeing, fun, and rebellious.” Her decision was influenced by the passing of her makeup artist Alexis Vogel, who battled breast cancer in 2019.

Pamela Anderson says she is embracing her natural beauty.

Besides her beauty transformation, Pamela has delved into self-reflection, sharing her journey in her memoir, “Love Pamela,” released in January. She candidly discussed her Hollywood years and personal traumas. Pamela revealed how writing the book had a profound impact on her, causing her to gain weight initially but eventually finding closure, stating, “I had a physical reaction to telling my story.”