Parents Are Outraged After Airline Introduces Adults-Only Sections

Turkish airline Corendon is causing a stir by introducing “Only Adult” sections on its flights, beginning on November 3, 2023. These areas will be free of children and aim to provide a serene flight experience for adult passengers willing to pay an additional fee ranging from £38 to £105.

The adult-only section, consisting of 102 seats, including standard and extra-legroom options, will be separated from the rest of the cabin by walls and curtains. Corendon believes this will create a more peaceful environment for adults and make it easier for parents traveling with children.

Atilay Uslu, Corendon’s founder, stated, “We are the first Dutch airline to introduce the Only Adult zone because we cater to travelers looking for extra peace of mind during their flight.”

Social media reactions to this move are mixed. Some passengers welcome the idea, drawing parallels to adult-only resorts and events, while others doubt the feasibility of maintaining silence on an aircraft.

While Corendon’s initiative has sparked debate, it is not the first airline to offer child-free options, with Scoot and Japan Airlines having similar arrangements. The aviation industry will be closely monitoring whether this concept gains traction among other carriers.