Parents Hold A “Gender Reveal” Party For Their 8-Year-Old After She Said She Didn’t “Feel Like A Boy”

Ella Scott, a young Canadian, expressed her gender identity at age six, feeling like a girl despite being born male. Her parents, Nikki and Graham, initially thought it was a phase but soon realized she was transgender. To celebrate her transition at age eight, they threw a gender reveal party.

Nikki noted, “With Ella, it’s like she always knew, but we just didn’t.” Ella’s preference for girls’ clothes and toys indicated her true identity.

Her father, Graham, worried about society’s treatment of his daughter but prioritized her happiness. He said, “We were really worried about how she would be treated by society and whether she would get bullied. We just wanted her to be happy and to live the life she wants to live.”

The party aimed to show support and love for Ella, with a cake featuring pink icing. Nikki emphasized, “We just wanted her to feel celebrated and loved. She is our daughter, and we love her no matter what.”