Parents say goodbye to their newborn as life support is switched off, then he starts breathing immediately

In a remarkable turn of events, a baby named Karson defied the odds and survived against all medical expectations. Karson was born with severe medical complications, including a hemorrhage in the left temporal lobe and a rare genetic disorder called Non-ketotic hyperglycinemia.

Facing the heartbreaking decision to remove him from life support, Karson’s mother took the courageous step. The family was prepared for the worst, given the medical staff’s prognosis that he wouldn’t breathe on his own.

However, a miracle unfolded. Against all predictions, Karson immediately began breathing independently after the ventilator was removed. His heart rate and oxygen stabilized, baffling the medical team. Lisa Hough, Karson’s grandmother, expressed the family’s astonishment, stating, “He is breathing unassisted. He is swallowing. He is surviving.”

Despite the lack of scientific explanation, the family embraced this unexpected miracle. Karson continued to defy expectations, and on March 1, joyous news arrived – their miracle baby was coming home.

Lisa Hough, overwhelmed with gratitude, shared the family’s journey on social media, garnering immense support. With more than 30,000 reactions, the community celebrated Karson’s survival, wishing the family health and happiness with their precious miracle baby.