Patty Duke Caused 25-Year Confusion between Famous 3 Dads of Her Son – Real Dad Was Discovered via DNA Test

Patty Duke’s complex romantic history caused a 25-year paternity confusion involving her first son. The acclaimed actress, known for roles in “The Miracle Worker” and “Valley of the Dolls,” married four times. Her initial marriage to assistant director Harry Falk Jr. ended in 1967, and she then had a publicized relationship with Desi Arnaz Jr., disapproved by Arnaz’s mother, Lucille Ball.

Duke’s short-lived marriage to Michael Tell resulted in a 13-day union but left her pregnant. Claiming John Astin as the father, they married in 1972 after the birth of their son Sean. However, Duke later revealed, when Sean was 14, that Arnaz was the biological father. This revelation led to confusion, compounded when Sean discovered connections to Tell’s relatives.

To resolve the uncertainty, Sean underwent a DNA test with his three alleged fathers. Surprisingly, Michael Tell turned out to be his biological father, though Sean continued close relationships with all three men. Patty Duke, however, denied the test results, stating, “I can support his truth as long as my truth is respected.”

Sean Astin, now a renowned actor and multi-talented individual, maintained strong connections with his alleged fathers, biological dad, and Duke’s fourth husband, Michael Pearce. Duke divorced Astin in 1985 and married Pearce in 1986, enjoying a long-lasting marriage until her death in 2016 at the age of 69.

In her final years, Patty Duke found happiness with Michael Pearce, as evidenced by her last tweet celebrating their enduring marriage.