People Demand 14-Year-Old Face Charges After Learning What She Hunted

A 14-year-old girl from Missouri is facing backlash online after mistakenly shooting a protected elk during a legal hunting trip with her father. Abby Wilson and her dad were hunting deer during Missouri’s deer season, but elk are protected in their area. Her dad, Don White, contacted the Missouri Department of Conservation upon realizing their mistake. Conservation agent Adam Doerhoff confirmed the elk’s identity when shown a photo, stating, “You don’t expect to see something like that.” The conservation department’s spokesman noted that seeing an elk in Boone County is unusual.

Since the incident gained attention online, Abby has faced criticism from various groups. Her father defended her, saying, “If my daughter gets fined, I’ll pay it and move on. So be it. We’ll deal with it.” He also hoped to keep the elk’s meat and antlers, but officials denied the request, considering donating the meat to needy families if disease-free.

Online debates regarding the girl’s punishment ensued. Some argued that her age and ignorance shouldn’t excuse breaking the law, while others emphasized her learning process and the rarity of elk in the area.