People From The South Are Putting Peanuts In Coke

In Southern cuisine, alongside classics like fried chicken and pecan pie, a unique tradition persists: putting peanuts in Coke. Historian Rick McDaniel traces this practice back to the 1920s when shelled peanuts were sold alongside bottled Coke in country stores. Workers, seeking a practical solution to avoid touching peanuts with dirty hands, began combining them with Coke.

Another theory links this tradition to road trips, where stick shift driving was common. Placing peanuts in the Coke bottle offered a hands-free snack solution for drivers. For the authentic experience, enthusiasts recommend using regular Coke and salted peanuts. Many swear by the enhanced flavor when enjoyed from a glass bottle.

Despite its unconventional nature, this Southern tradition has endured through generations, offering a unique blend of sweet and salty flavors that many find surprisingly delightful. So, next time you’re in the South, don’t be surprised if you see someone enjoying a Coke with peanuts – it’s a tradition deeply rooted in Southern culture and history.