People Share Best Loopholes That They Exploited For Years

People have always found creative ways to exploit loopholes, often resulting in unexpected benefits. From savvy food hacks to clever contest wins, these stories showcase human ingenuity at its finest.

  1. The Sandwich Hack: One user at a college café discovered a cost-saving trick. “The deli sandwiches were way overpriced, like $8 for a standard turkey sandwich,” but by purchasing bread for $0.25 a slice and using ingredients from the reasonably priced salad bar, they managed to make their own sandwiches for under $2.
  2. Endless Soda: A Reddit user shared a 90s Dr. Pepper promotion loophole: “I bought one Dr. Pepper and continued to ‘win’ maybe 30 or so more Dr. Peppers.”
  3. Radio Contest Strategy: By monitoring a local radio station’s ‘now playing’ feature online, one user’s girlfriend repeatedly won prizes by calling in before the second song of the same artist played.
  4. Lyft Glitch: A glitch in Lyft’s referral program gave a user free rides for a year. “I only had to pay if it exceeded the $ amount given for the free ride,” they explained.
  5. Work Hours Loophole: An employee found a way around their employer’s policy of subtracting “break hours” from pay. By working 39 hours instead of 40 or more, they avoided the deduction.

These examples highlight not only the cleverness in finding and using loopholes but also raise questions about the systems and rules that create these opportunities. Whether it’s for free food, rides, or extra pay, it’s clear that a little creativity can go a long way.