PETA targets school photographers, demands they find alternative to ‘Say cheese!’

PETA has launched a campaign urging photographers to stop using “Say cheese!” before taking photos, arguing that the phrase is outdated and insensitive to animal suffering. Instead, they propose using phrases like “Say peas” to encourage smiles without referencing dairy products.

In letters to school photography companies like Geskus Photography, Inc., PETA emphasized the need for a shift in language, suggesting that children shouldn’t be reminded of animal cruelty while posing for pictures.

Accompanying their letters, PETA released a video featuring people saying phrases related to animal suffering before having their photos taken, aiming to raise awareness about the issue.

However, the campaign received mixed reactions on social media, with some users criticizing PETA’s approach and others expressing indifference or opposition to the idea.

Despite the backlash, PETA remains firm in its stance, advocating for more conscientious language choices that align with vegan values. They suggest alternatives like “trees,” “bees,” or “nutritional yeast” to replace the traditional “cheese.”

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