Phil Collins shares sad health news, says he can ‘barely hold’ a drumstick

Musical Beginnings: Phil Collins, renowned drummer and singer, rose to fame as a key member of Genesis during the 1980s. His impressive career includes hits like “In The Air Tonight” and “You Can’t Hurry Love.” Starting as a child prodigy with a drum kit made by his uncle, Collins immersed himself in music from an early age. He joined Genesis in 1970, marking a significant turn in his musical journey.

Genesis and Solo Success: Genesis, initially a prog rock band, transitioned to pop rock under Collins’ influence. His dual role as the drummer and lead singer led to immense success. Despite initial reluctance to front the band, Collins propelled Genesis to stardom with hits like “Follow You Follow Me” and the chart-topping “In The Air Tonight.” Simultaneously, Collins pursued a solo career, delivering memorable tracks like “Sussudio” and contributing to film soundtracks.

Personal Life and Achievements: Beyond his musical triumphs, Collins’s personal life reflected in his songwriting, notably addressing his divorce in “In The Air Tonight.” Married thrice, he explored themes of heartbreak and relationships. Collins garnered numerous awards, including six Grammy Awards. His impact on the music industry is evident, with over 100 million albums sold, placing him alongside legends like Michael Jackson and Paul McCartney.

Health Setback and Tour Challenges: Recently, Collins shared concerning health news, expressing difficulty holding a drumstick due to physical limitations. While his son, Nicholas, will handle drumming duties for Genesis’ upcoming tour, Collins hinted that this might be his last tour. Health issues have affected his ability to perform, emphasizing the toll time has taken on the legendary musician. Despite challenges, Phil Collins remains an iconic figure in the music world, leaving an indelible mark on generations of fans.