Photo Of Bill Clinton Getting A Massage From One Of Epstein’s Victims Is Released

A photo of former President Bill Clinton receiving a neck massage from one of Jeffrey Epstein’s victims, Chauntae Davis, has surfaced. In the image, Clinton is seen smiling while receiving the massage. The incident occurred in 2002 during a flight to Africa on Epstein’s private jet, where Clinton had complained of a stiff neck.

Ghislaine Maxwell, Epstein’s close accomplice, encouraged Davis to give Clinton the massage during a stopover in Portugal. Despite the unusual situation, Davis described Clinton as a “complete gentleman” and noted that he did not make any inappropriate advances.

Davis, who accused Epstein of raping her multiple times, recalled the moment: “The President then asked me ‘would you mind giving it a crack.'” Davis, trying to improve her angle for the massage, inadvertently asked Clinton to get on his knees, leading to laughter in the room.