PHOTO Shows Biden Kissing His Granddaughter, Not A 15-Year-Old

A misleading photo of Joe Biden kissing his adult granddaughter, Finnegan, has been falsely circulated as showing him with a 15-year-old girl. The Associated Press has debunked this claim.

The photo was taken during a campaign stop in Iowa, where Biden emphasized the special bond between grandfathers and grandkids. He stated that grandfathers are unlikely to cause humiliation, unlike some fathers.

The false allegation that this image portrays Biden harming a child and questions his suitability as a Christian candidate has been shared extensively on Facebook, despite being baseless.

To gain a more accurate understanding of the event, a video of the campaign rally would provide context. Biden’s actions were a simple display of affection toward his adult granddaughter, Finnegan, and he introduced her to the audience during the event.