Playground craze leaves 11-year-old boy “looking like an alien” – mom issues warning for parents

Children can sometimes make unwise decisions when trying to fit in or impress their peers, even the brightest ones. Tyler Broome, an 11-year-old, fell victim to the dangerous “roundabout of death” YouTube trend, leaving him with severe injuries.

In this risky stunt, participants sit at the center of a playground roundabout while a motorcycle’s rear wheel spins it rapidly. Tyler’s motivation was not mischief but a desire to show off to his friends.

After enduring extreme gravitational forces (G-forces), Tyler suffered injuries akin to those experienced by fighter pilots and astronauts. Found unconscious near the roundabout, he possibly sustained brain and visual damage.

Tyler’s mom, Dawn, lamented the incident, describing her son’s injuries as extreme and shocking. Hospital staff were baffled by the severity of his condition, with his head swelling, blood vessels bursting, and his eyes appearing alien-like. Dawn emphasized that children are susceptible to peer pressure and urged parents to remain vigilant.