Plus-sized model claps back at trolls who attack bikini photos – ‘look away’

A plus-sized influencer is hitting back at trolls who ask her to cover up her size 22 body. The woman, who says she “will always be unapologetically fat,” faced criticism when she started sharing daring photos. Despite the cruel attacks, she dismisses critics, asserting that plus-size bodies are “hot” and “look good in a bikini.”


In a world emphasizing unrealistic beauty standards, influencers like Abby Bible promote self-love and body positivity. Despite negativity, the 25-year-old’s positive attitude and love for fashion send a powerful message. The 6-foot-1 New York-based influencer often explains on Instagram that she refuses to conform to society’s “toxic” expectations.


Appearing on Dr. Phil, Bible shared her struggle with weight since childhood. At 14, she weighed about 200 pounds and faced harsh criticism from a personal trainer. Although she lost 100 pounds at one point, she remained unhappy. Now, in a loving relationship, she reminds others that plus-size bodies are beautiful.


In a viral TikTok video, Bible wore a red string bikini, responding to a troll saying “fat people shouldn’t wear string bikinis.” She captioned, “If you don’t like it, look away,” inspiring fans to embrace body confidence.

While some netizens support her, others express concern about her health. Bible, who hasn’t addressed health concerns, emphasizes, “Just because you’re thin, doesn’t mean you’re better than me. I am an unapologetic fat girl… I’m always going to be happy with myself.”