Police officer surprises 7-year-old boy selling lemonade with a pair of brand new sneakers for school

Lemonade stands are beloved, and recently, young Landen was running one near his home. Approached by Officer Perez of Ansonia Police Department, Landen’s interaction with the officer was captured and shared on Facebook by his grandmother. Officer Perez talked to Landen about his lemonade earnings’ purpose, to which Landen mentioned needing new school sneakers.

After their chat, Officer Perez left. However, he returned later with a surprising gift—a pair of blue sneakers for Landen. This heartwarming moment left Landen overjoyed. Landen’s mother, Wendelyn Narvaez, praised Officer Perez for making her son feel so happy. Days later, a picture of Landen wearing his new sneakers was shared online.

Ansonia Police Chief Wayne Williams applauded Officer Perez’s kindness, highlighting the significance of officers like him in the community. This act of generosity counters negative narratives about law enforcement and showcases the positive contributions they can make.

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