PRAYERS UP: Yandy Smith Is In Critical Condition After Suffering From Serious Disease

Reality TV star Yandy Smith-Harris recently spoke about her struggle with fibroids on Detox Living with Coach Gessie and Angela Yee. She initially sought help for her sister’s health issues but found herself on a health journey too.

“My sister came, and it was just something that was so needed because I didn’t even know I needed it. I was like, this is for her, this is what she needs. And then, I have fibroids too,” Yandy revealed.

Her fibroids worsened, leading her to the hospital, where she almost had to deliver her son prematurely. Yandy was put on strong medications, but the pain was debilitating.

Coach Gessie recommended a fruit fast, and within two weeks, Yandy felt better physically and mentally. Fibroids can cause pain, bleeding, infertility, and other issues, especially in Black and Brown women. Yandy’s openness helps raise awareness about integrative solutions for fibroids, including nutrition, stress management, herbal supplements, and surgery when necessary.