Pregnant Woman’s Fiancé Cheats on Her — 5 Years Later, She Hears His ‘Full-on Ugly Cry’ over the Phone

Love, Betrayal, and Redemption: A Woman’s Unforgettable Journey

In a poignant Reddit “Pro Revenge” post, an anonymous woman shared her heartbreaking tale of love turned betrayal and unexpected redemption. After DN, her high school crush, shattered their engagement with a revelation of infidelity, the woman endured weeks of silent suffering as he callously introduced another woman.

Crafting a revenge plan, the woman disrupted DN’s new relationship by revealing his history of betrayal to the unsuspecting partner. Over the next five years, she heard nothing from DN as she moved on with her life, got married, and expected her first child.

Unexpectedly, DN reached out, sharing the devastating consequences of her revenge—cheating partner, job loss, impounded truck, family disownment, and a brutal assault by friends. The woman, now forgiving and pregnant, disclosed the secret of the child they could have had together.

DN’s emotional breakdown, described as a “full-on ugly cry,” led to sincere apologies. Surprisingly, the woman forgave him, ending the call on an unexpectedly amicable note. The story concluded with the woman finding closure, stating, “5 years after he crushed my heart, he cried enough to fill a bottle with his tears.”