Reba McEntire makes very surprising confession about her son Shelby

Reba McEntire, the renowned musician and actress, recently shared her upbringing and parenting insights. Raised in Chockie, Oklahoma, her country background instilled values like punctuality, with her parents emphasizing, “If you tell somebody you’re going to be somewhere at a certain time, you show up.”

Reba applied these principles while raising her son, Shelby, born in 1990. She believed in teaching fairness and didn’t let him win in games or cards, wanting to prevent him from becoming a spoiled brat. Despite her fame, Reba made an effort to spend quality time with Shelby, even taking him on the road with her.

She also acknowledged Shelby’s ADHD and praised his determination to improve and learn. Reba’s parenting approach, rooted in her country upbringing, underscores values like punctuality, fairness, and humility.

Recently, she expressed her joy when Shelby married Marissa in a fairytale-like ceremony at Walt Disney World, highlighting her enduring dedication to her son. Reba’s story reminds us that even in the spotlight, down-to-earth values can shape remarkable parenting.