Retired Teacher’s Letter To Parents Is Being Hailed By Thousands

A retired teacher, Lisa Roberson, has gained attention for a frank letter she wrote to parents, addressing issues in the public school system. Roberson’s letter emphasizes the role of parents in a child’s education and behavior.

In her letter, Roberson contends that parents are a significant factor in the problems faced by the education system, citing their lack of focus on teaching manners, respect, and social skills. She criticizes parents for not ensuring their children have basic school supplies and questions their involvement in school activities.

Roberson points out that teachers often spend their own money to provide necessary supplies, highlighting the imbalance between students’ expensive clothing and inadequate school materials. She suggests that parents need to take more responsibility for their children’s readiness and behavior in the classroom.

She challenges parents to attend parent nights, maintain communication with teachers, and ensure their children complete homework and class assignments. Roberson believes that the lack of parental involvement is a major contributing factor to failing schools.

While some may find her words harsh, Roberson argues that parents play a crucial role in their children’s success. She underscores that teaching basic values like manners, respect, and responsibility starts at home, before a child enters the classroom. Roberson’s letter sparks discussion about the shared responsibility between teachers and parents in a child’s education.