Rhea Perlman Soon Turns 75 – She Gardens, Enjoys Being a Grandma and Will Never Divorce Danny DeVito despite Separation

As Rhea Perlman approaches her 75th birthday, the acclaimed actress reflects on her enduring career, 40-year marriage to Danny DeVito, and the importance of family. Best known for her role in “Cheers,” Perlman values a quiet life in Los Angeles with her rescue dog, Zorro, and stays connected with her daughter, Lucy DeVito.

Perlman’s Emmy-winning stint on “Cheers” defined her career, with the actress highlighting the show’s significant impact. Despite portraying tough characters on screen, Perlman describes herself as sweet and elegant in real life.

Married for four decades, Perlman and DeVito faced separations but chose not to divorce. They maintain a strong familial bond, appreciating their enduring love and shared history with three children: Lucy, Grace, and Jack.

Beyond “Cheers,” Perlman prioritizes family over professional success. Grateful for her children, she looks forward to her 75th birthday with anticipation for more work, travel, and exploration.

Perlman, an avid nature lover and gardener, shares glimpses of her life on social media, emphasizing her roles as a grandmother and her serene beach house in Malibu. The well-designed space reflects her free-spirited nature and genuine connection with family and friends.