RIP To The Woman Whose Face Was In Every Single Supermarket

Ann Taylor Cook, the first Gerber baby who became an icon after her image appeared on the company’s packaging in 1928, has died at the age of ninety-five. Cook’s neighbor, Dorothy Hope Smith, created the illustration in 1926 when Cook was an infant. The image was chosen by Gerber for its packaging as part of a contest, marking a significant departure from its previous packaging featuring ABC blocks.

Cook’s identity remained a secret until 1978, with Gerber keeping the baby’s identity confidential. The company eventually trademarked and copyrighted the image due to its popularity. Cook didn’t know she was the Gerber baby until she was three years old.

In recent years, Gerber has expanded the diversity of its iconic baby representations. In 2018, Lucas Warren became the first Gerber baby with Down syndrome.

Cook’s legacy continues as her image remains on display at Gerber’s headquarters. Her captivating smile, captured in that 1926 sketch, will forever be associated with the iconic baby food brand.