| Rob Mcelhenny Causes Concern With NYE ‘Allergic Reaction’ Photo

Wrexham FC co-owner Rob McElhenney stirred concern as he shared a New Year’s Eve photo displaying a dramatically swollen face, supposedly due to a “slight allergic reaction.” The alarming image, causing reactions even from celebrities like Mindy Kaling, turned out to be a prank. In reality, it was a portrayal of McElhenney’s character, Mac, from “It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia.”

Amidst reflections on 2023, the startling photo stood out, leading to widespread speculation about a severe allergic reaction or a rough patch. McElhenney’s humorous response in the post revealed the image as a clever stunt for the show, where Mac’s face swells from indulging in peanuts. The revelation brought relief to fans, showcasing McElhenney’s comedic prowess. As 2024 unfolds, followers can anticipate more surprises from the actor and co-owner of Wrexham FC.