SAD NEWS regarding “Dallas” actress Linda Gray

Linda Gray, known for her iconic legs in a famous movie poster from the 1960s, revealed they were hers, not Anne Bancroft’s. She received just $25 for it. But behind the glamour, Linda’s life had challenges. She contracted polio at five, which left her unable to move her legs. Her family struggled with the disease, causing her parents’ depression and her mother’s alcoholism. Instead of using iron lungs, they opted for alternative therapy, allowing Linda to regain the use of her legs.

She pursued a career in modeling, eventually meeting Ed Thrasher, an abusive husband. After a decade of hardship, she found her breakthrough as Sue Ellen in “Dallas.” Her therapist helped her set boundaries with her mother and later her ex-husband.

Linda Gray’s journey included caring for her mother and embracing her own sexuality after divorce. She continued her role in “Dallas” reboots, earning accolades for her performance.