Sarah Palin Discusses a New Romance, Divorce, and Running for Congress

Sarah Palin, 58, opened up about her new romance, divorce, and congressional run in an interview with The New York Post. After a 30-year marriage, Palin divorced Todd in 2020, describing it as “earth-shattering” and learning about it through an email from his attorney. Despite having five children together, Todd now spends time with his girlfriend.

Palin is now dating retired New York Rangers player Ron Duguay, 64, who sought her guidance during her defamation battle against The New York Times. Their relationship deepened during the trial, with Duguay serving as her New York tour guide.

Palin appreciates having someone like Duguay to confide in about personal matters beyond politics, stating, “Ron is the first person I’ve ever even talked to about a lot of this personal stuff.” Duguay is also a vocal supporter of Palin’s congressional campaign. She recently announced her candidacy, aiming to fill the seat left vacant by the late Rep. Don Young, with the endorsement of former President Donald Trump, saying, “I intend to honor Rep. Young’s legacy by sacrificing myself in the name of service to the state he loved and fought for.”