Science shows this 43-year-old model has the ‘perfect body’

Recent research from Texas University challenges conventional beauty standards by identifying a 43-year-old model with the “perfect body.” Contrary to traditional notions, the study suggests that a fuller and curvier physique is ideal.

While the modeling industry has long favored thin figures, the study highlights different criteria for attractiveness. According to the research, the ideal measurements include a BMI of 18.85 and specific bust, waist, and hip measurements, favoring a fuller shape with a defined waist-to-hip ratio.

Kelly Brook, a British model, exemplifies these ideal measurements, despite societal perceptions labeling her body as “plump.” The study suggests that her physique aligns with what science considers most attractive to males.

However, beauty remains subjective, with diverse tastes and perceptions. While this study redefines beauty norms, it emphasizes the importance of recognizing beauty in all its forms, including plus-size models like Ashley Graham, who challenge industry standards.

Ultimately, the study underscores the variability of beauty standards and the importance of embracing diversity in beauty perceptions.