SEVEN Serious Symptoms Before End of Life

  1. Significant Fatigue: Profound exhaustion and weakness are common signs as the body’s systems gradually shut down. Energy levels decrease, making even simple tasks challenging.
  2. Reduced Appetite and Weight Loss: A loss of interest in food often occurs, leading to noticeable weight loss. This decline in nutrition can weaken the body further.
  3. Increased Sleep: A substantial increase in sleep, including daytime naps, is a common sign. The body requires more rest as it nears the end of life.
  4. Breathing Changes: Irregular breathing patterns, including shallow, rapid, or irregular breaths, may develop.
  5. Decreased Mobility: As the body weakens, mobility declines. Elderly individuals may become bedridden or require assistance with most daily activities.
  6. Mental Confusion: Cognitive changes, such as confusion or disorientation, can occur. This may be due to reduced oxygen supply to the brain.
  7. Withdrawal and Social Isolation: A desire for solitude and reduced interest in social interactions often emerges.