Several people from a small town in the Netherlands called the police after noticing something extremely strange at the house of nearby neighbors

Residents of a small Netherlands town alerted the police to an unusual sight – a house with a completely snow-free roof during heavy snowfall. This anomaly raised suspicions, leading the police to discover a thriving cannabis cultivation operation inside. The heat used for the cultivation prevented snow from settling on the roof, giving away the illegal activity.

In a surprising turn, Dutch police are capitalizing on the wintry weather to uncover illicit cannabis operations. The lack of snow on certain roofs acts as a telltale sign for law enforcement, leading to numerous arrests. While the Netherlands adopts a lenient stance on personal marijuana use, cultivating more than five cannabis plants is prohibited, and those caught face legal consequences.

The owner of the implicated property now faces potential imprisonment as authorities crack down on unauthorized cannabis cultivation. This incident highlights how weather conditions can inadvertently expose illegal activities, even in regions known for their tolerant attitudes toward marijuana.