SEVERE Acne Makes Woman Stop Having Sex

Mandy Nazé, 29, has battled severe acne since she was 15, suffering from pus and discharge on her face, chest, neck, and back. This condition, nodulocystic acne, led to pain and discomfort, impacting her personal life, particularly her intimate relationships.

She feared her partner’s repulsion due to her abscesses and pimples, despite trying various treatments and rejecting Accutane due to side effects. After her doctor suggested a Diane-35 pill, she found relief for her severe acne. However, after a decade on the pill, she switched to a naturopathic approach involving a wholesome diet, herbs, exercise, massages, saunas, vegetables, and essential oils. Her skin condition improved significantly, and she has been free of cysts and abscesses for two years.

Mandy emphasized the unpredictability of her condition and its impact on self-confidence and social life. She advised others to work on their mental health, meditate, and believe in themselves, emphasizing that self-worth goes beyond skin quality.