Shaney-Lee Steals Hearts on “The Voice Kids” UK with Adorable Audition singing John Denver

Seven-year-old Shaney-Lee from southwest England charmed everyone during his blind audition on “The Voice Kids” UK. Surrounded by farm animals, Shaney-Lee’s love for country music led him to perform John Denver’s “Take Me Home, Country Roads.”

Before singing, judge asked, “Have you ridden on a horse?” Shaney-Lee replied, “I came here on my horse today,” adding to his endearing presence.

As Shaney-Lee began singing, judge Danny Jones exclaimed, “That is the cutest voice I’ve ever heard!” The audience was captivated, clapping along and moved to tears by his heartfelt rendition.

“The Voice Kids” UK, open to children aged 7 to 14, perfectly showcased Shaney-Lee’s charm. His mom describes him as “definitely an older person in a little man’s body.”

Judge Pixie Lott couldn’t hold back her emotions, moved by Shaney-Lee’s performance, which reminded everyone of the innocent joy and pure talent young performers bring to the stage.