She Asked If He Would Remarry But She Wasn’t Ready For The Response

In a light-hearted scenario, a wife asked her husband if he would remarry if she were to pass away. His responses took an unexpected turn, showcasing their playful banter.

The wife posed the question, “Darling, if I were to pass away, would you consider remarrying?” The husband replied thoughtfully, “In time, I believe I might. We all seek companionship to heal.”

Curious, she asked if the new wife would live in their cherished home. He nodded, explaining their investment in the perfect home, saying, “Yes, she probably would.”

The wife continued, asking if the new wife would sleep in their bed. He affirmed, citing their expensive and durable bed, saying, “Yes, she would.”

With a mischievous tone, she questioned whether the new wife would also take her beloved golf clubs. The husband playfully replied, “Ah, but there’s a catch! She’s a lefty, my dear!”

In this humorous exchange, the couple navigated the hypothetical scenario with humor and wit, highlighting the strength of their relationship.