She has just turned 52, she is too young to die, but she has breast cancer in the final stage

Shannen Doherty, aged 52, known for her role in “Beverly Hills, 90210,” battled and conquered breast cancer once before but received a harsh stage 4 terminal diagnosis in 2020. Her first cancer bout in 2015 led her to consider having children at the age of 46, but cancer treatments took a toll on her body. When cancer returned, it had metastasized beyond her breasts and lymph nodes.

Despite her fighting spirit, Doherty faced tough choices due to her cancer. She entered menopause abruptly due to hormonal changes caused by treatment, but taking estrogen to alleviate this was risky. She and her husband contemplated adoption and egg donors, but the uncertainty of her life expectancy made her hesitate. She expressed, “It is certainly something I do not want… my 10-year-old to bury mother. I’ve always wanted a baby. But maybe I should be one in a different way.”

Despite her grim diagnosis, Shannen Doherty continues to approach her situation with a mix of realism and optimism.