She is a TV star who slept with over 700 men.

Former reality TV star Belinda Love Rygier revealed her battle with sex addiction, admitting to sleeping with over 700 men. “My sex addiction ruled my life,” she confessed. Overcoming it, she’s now focused on leading a normal life. Rygier, who gained fame on The Bachelor Australia in 2017, shared her journey, admitting to a past of seeking partners nightly.

Reflecting on her recovery, she said, “I didn’t realize I had a problem until I healed from it.” Despite maintaining a successful career, she felt an emotional void, seeking validation through sex. Rygier emphasized a shift from casual encounters to meaningful connections, vowing abstinence until finding emotional fulfillment.

Highlighting societal issues, she critiqued the misuse of sex for validation. Rygier now shares her insights as a “love guru” on social media, advocating for healthier relationships. “I will have sex again, but with someone I have a connection with,” she affirmed, promoting a message of self-worth over fleeting validation.