She posed in a Christmas sweater, but she didn’t know why everyone was laughing.

Grandmother Carolyn Hallam, 53, unknowingly bought a risqué Christmas sweater featuring “romping reindeer” for just 50p at a car boot sale. Carolyn, who works at an elementary school, found the unexpected design detail while trying on the cardigan at home. Her daughter, Abigail, shared a photo online, where it quickly gained attention.

Abigail recounted, “Mum was overjoyed to get a Christmas jumper for 50p… She picked it up and took a short glance at it, noticing that it was a Christmas sweater, so she decided it would be appropriate to wear to work.” However, upon closer inspection, Carolyn realized the sweater’s inappropriate design.

Luckily, Carolyn spotted the issue before heading to work and found the situation hilarious. Abigail shared the photo online, and it garnered numerous likes and comments, with many finding the hidden detail amusing.

Carolyn still wears the sweater when appropriate, and the humorous incident brought laughter to many on social media. One person said, “Oh my god, that’s hilarious,” while another thanked them “for the laugh.”