She put a picture of herself and her husband in a bathing suit and was harshly criticized.

Jenna Kutcher, a 29-year-old photographer, shared a beach photo with her husband, Drew Kutcher, a fitness instructor, sparking unexpected criticism. The couple, happily married for 10 years, faced harsh comments about Jenna’s appearance compared to her “handsome and attractive” husband. Critics remarked, “You don’t deserve to have such an attractive husband” and suggested Jenna was “fat and unattractive.”

Unfazed, Jenna responded, highlighting her self-acceptance and her husband’s unwavering love. “Part of my insecurity with my body has stemmed around being married to Mr. 6-Pack himself,” she admitted. “This man has embraced every curve, every dimple, pound, and pimple for the last ten years.”

Jenna’s stance against body shaming resonated online, attracting positive attention. She emphasized that they are not defined by their bodies: “I am not defined by titles like ‘curvy’ or plus size, Drew is not defined by ‘Mr. Six Pack’.”

Jenna shared their love story, starting from a college bet, and expressed their commitment to turning their struggles into a positive message, concluding, “Our story has held ups and downs…we’ve chosen to show up and turn the mess into our message.”