She Was Cruelly Told By Trolls That She Was “Too Ugly.” But Wait Till You See How She Looks Like Today

Melisa Blake experienced online bullying after writing a story for CNN in 2019. Trolls targeted her appearance, labeling her “too ugly” to post photos of herself. Melisa has Freeman Sheldon syndrome, which affects her hands, feet, head, and face.

Rather than succumbing to the hurtful comments, she fought back uniquely. Melisa defiantly posted three selfies on Twitter, stating, “During the last round of trollgate, people said that I should be banned from posting photos of myself because I’m too ugly.”

This act of self-empowerment gained widespread support, prompting Melisa to take it further. She posted a selfie every day for a year to challenge societal misconceptions about disability. Her Instagram following grew from 7,500 to 100,000.

Melisa used her selfies to celebrate her personality and convey a powerful message about living with a disability. She aimed to reshape the perception of disability, dispelling stereotypes and showcasing the full lives led by disabled individuals.

Melisa’s courageous response to online bullying serves as an inspiring example, emphasizing that beauty goes beyond appearances. Her story encourages others to stand up against bullying and celebrate their uniqueness.