Sheriff Stands His Ground After Organization Asks Him To Stop Promoting Prayer On Facebook

The Freedom from Religion Foundation recently urged Walker County Sheriff Nick Smith to cease endorsing prayer on the department’s official Facebook page. The foundation expressed concerns over posts requesting prayers for various incidents, including the shooting of Lowndes County Sheriff Williams and a tragic event involving a young boy and a deputy.

Sam Grover, Associate Counsel for the foundation, stressed the importance of inclusivity, pointing out that not everyone in Walker County shares the same religious beliefs. He stated, “The issue here is that the sheriff’s office has a pattern of using tragedy to promote the idea of prayer.”

Photo Credit: Facebook/Walker County Sheriff’s Office

While the foundation didn’t currently plan legal action, it hoped the sheriff would refrain from making religious references on social media. However, Sheriff Smith stood his ground, confirming his intent to continue these references.

Despite the foundation’s request for inclusivity, Sheriff Smith remains committed to sharing prayer-related posts on the department’s Facebook page.