She’s Had Her License Plate For 15 Years, But Now The State Is Saying It’s “Inappropriate”

Wendy Auger adored her vanity plate “PB4WEGO” for fifteen years, spreading joy along New Hampshire’s roads. Sadly, the DMV rejected it for containing the word “pe*.” Auger, a bartender from Rochester, sees this as an infringement on her free speech rights, arguing that “pe* before we go” is just sensible advice.

She eagerly awaited the plate’s availability when New Hampshire expanded vanity plate character limits from six to seven. However, the state now cites specific rules, claiming changes were mandated by a court order years ago.

Auger’s situation raises questions about freedom of expression and government regulation. Should she be forced to give up her cherished plate after fifteen years?

“PB4WEGO” brought smiles to many faces during Auger’s travels. She feels unfairly targeted, stating, “I feel like it’s an invasion of my privacy and my rights.” Despite her protests, the DMV remains firm, pointing to legal mandates. Auger’s case highlights the tension between individual expression and bureaucratic oversight.