Shocking and Disgusting Discoveries by Hotel Workers

Hotel workers often encounter the unexpected and downright bizarre in their line of work. Stories shared by these workers on Reddit shed light on some of the most shocking and disgusting incidents they’ve faced.

1. The Unused Toilet: After guests checked out, a hotel worker discovered rolled-up towels concealing piles of feces in the shower. The stench was overwhelming, making it a messy situation indeed.

2. The Pizza Puzzle: A guest’s room was found with pizza slices smeared all over unusual places, including the TV, dresser, nightstand, and even inside a lampshade. It seemed like the guest had an odd craving for spreading pizza everywhere.

3. The Mouse: A couple complained about strange noises and found their belongings nibbled on by a mouse. However, when the owners investigated, they found no evidence of infestation, leading to a confrontation.

4. Too Much Luggage: A couple checked in with an excessive number of suitcases, planning to steal everything from the room, including the windows, resulting in the hotel workers losing their jobs.

5. Where’s the Bathroom?: A guest, suffering from a medical condition, left a trail of feces through the hotel while looking for the restroom, leading to a messy situation and their blacklisting by the hotel.

6. The Sleepwalker: A woman feared her husband had sleepwalked into another guest’s room, but CCTV footage revealed he was simply asleep in another room, leaving behind a humorous anecdote.

7. The Silent Bachelor Party: A bachelor party took an unexpected turn when the groom and his friends were found fully clothed in a bathtub, engaged in a toy boat “naval battle,” resulting in the cancellation of the wedding.

These stories offer a glimpse into the unseen world behind the scenes of the hospitality industry, where hotel workers navigate through bizarre situations to ensure guests have a comfortable stay.