Singer makes it clear she is not making music for white people

Lizzo, the acclaimed artist, opens up about her crossover success and its implications.

While her music resonates across genres, Lizzo emphasizes that she’s not creating music for any specific audience but herself, speaking from her unique Black experience to heal from life’s challenges.

Despite her pop hits, Lizzo’s focus remains on connecting with black women, aiming to provide them with self-love anthems, as they’ve faced underappreciation and mistreatment.

Lizzo is currently on tour for her “Special” album, which features the hit “About Damn Time.”

Lizzo strongly believes in the need for progress in the treatment of black women in America, highlighting the historic injustices they have endured and expressing hope for change through accountability.

Lizzo’s commitment to her beliefs is reflected in her actions, such as her substantial donations to Planned Parenthood and her criticism of the impact of white male supremacy on recent legal rulings.