Single Mom Rents Homeless Man A Hotel Room, He Gets More Than He Expected

Sofia Andrade, a Massachusetts resident, gained attention for her compassionate response to winning $200 from a scratch-off lottery ticket. While sitting at a stop sign in New Bedford, she noticed Glenn Williams, a homeless man who had been panhandling on a cold night.

Upon realizing her winnings, Andrade chose to use the money to make a difference in Williams’ life. She offered to buy him coffee at Dunkin Donuts, which deeply moved him. Upon conversing with Williams, Andrade discovered that he had been homeless due to the lack of available shelter space.

With a desire to do more, Andrade used the remainder of her winnings to secure a motel room for Williams for two nights. Her actions were shared on social media, generating widespread support and prompting Andrade to initiate a GoFundMe campaign to provide Williams with a fresh start.

The local community rallied around Williams, offering services such as free haircuts and donations of goods. This outpouring of support left Williams deeply touched.

Andrade’s story serves as an inspiration, demonstrating the profound impact a simple act of kindness can have on someone’s life.