Smokey Robinson claims he had a ‘beautiful’ year-long affair with Diana Ross during his marriage

Legendary musician Smokey Robinson recently disclosed a year-long affair with Diana Ross while he was married to his first wife, Claudette Rogers. In an interview with The Guardian, the 83-year-old icon emphasized the beauty of their relationship, stating, “We were working together, and it just happened. But it was beautiful.” The two, who have been friends since childhood, developed a romantic connection during a crucial period.

Robinson reminisced about their shared upbringing, growing up on the same street and in the same neighborhood as fellow iconic singer Aretha Franklin. Despite Robinson having a teenage crush on Franklin, his connection with Ross evolved into something more meaningful. Neither made the first move, with Robinson explaining, “It just happened. I wasn’t going after her, and she wasn’t going after me.”

However, the affair eventually concluded when Ross expressed concern about Robinson’s enduring love for his wife. Reflecting on the experience, Robinson noted that the affair deepened his understanding of love and challenged societal norms around monogamy.

Addressing a longstanding rumor, Robinson laughed off claims that he and Ross were the biological parents of Michael Jackson, saying, “They say Diana Ross and I had Michael? Oh my God! I never heard that one, man! That’s pretty good. That’s funny!”