Meet Denise Souder, the 56-year-old Las Vegas stripper nicknamed ‘Sweet Cheeks,’ whose hips measure an impressive 74 inches—twice the average size. Denise embraces her unique figure, selling daring online clips and even involving her daughter, Rachel, in her ventures.

“God gave it to me, why not love it and use it?” Denise boldly declares. She enjoys the attention her ample hips bring and is unapologetic about it.

Her partner, Steve, is a self-proclaimed admirer of larger women, and they connected when he posted an ad seeking a woman over 21 stone. They initially married but separated when Steve left her for someone bigger. However, they rekindled their relationship a year ago.

While Steve supports Denise’s journey to further size, her health struggles, like arthritis in her hips and knees, weigh on his conscience. He acknowledges the fine line between admiration and concern, admitting, “There’s part of me that feels guilty that I like it so much.”